Take a Tour
Soon you can take an interactive tour around the facility!


Not sure what the Unleashed class is like? Watch a virtual tour of the class! This and much more coming soon in our virtual tours!

The Pinnacle Experts
Meet all the trainers of Pinnacle, up close and personal!


With each trainer having their own training philosophy and specialties. We have an expert that's best for you!

Soon we will bring you more videos than any other club!


From video introductions by trainers to detailed video about each class, Pinnacle's Video section will soon have it all!

The Pinnacle Advantage
Updated constantly, along with immediate class changes!


A program that allows Pinnacle Athletic Club members business to be advertised along with their specials for other Pinnacle members.

7 Reasons to Join Pinnacle
There are lots of reasons, but we only need seven!


As if you even needed a reason to join Pinnacle, here are seven key reasons to join Michiana's top club.

The Pinnacle Plan
New! Let us show you a way to a healthier lifestyle!


Pinnacle's experts will show you the importance of diet, exercise and motivation for a healthy lifestyle, including an ongoing maintenance program.

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